Sur le film/About the film

2012_Award_blancx300Carole Leblanc and Jo Béfort, started their wine adventure six years ago in Collias,  France. Their dream was to produce excellent wine. They had no experience, no professional support, just their passion – and friends.  This captivating film follows their  wine-making and gently explores their relationships with the village and each other.

Carole Leblanc et Jo Béfort, ont commencé leur aventure viticole il y a six ans de cela à Collias en France. Leur rêve était de produire d’excellents vins. Sans expérience et sans soutien professionnel, elles n’avaient pour tout bagage que leur passion … et quelques bons amis.
Ce film captivant vous emmène au coeur de leurs péripéties vinicoles. En les suivant dans les différentes étapes de fabrication du vin, il explore délicatement leurs rapports avec le village et leur propre relation .

Jean-Louis Trintignant a vu le film et en a dit “J’aime la chaleur et l’atmosphère du film. Bravo à vous les filles ainsi qu’a tous vos amis”.

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Produced and directed by Fiona Cunningham-Reid
Editor Catherine Arend
Music Barrie Hayes

7 thoughts on “Sur le film/About the film

  1. We’ve seen the film courtesy of Fiona .Thoroughly enjoyable it was!We now want some copies for friends and patients please
    Hedwig and Chris

  2. This film was inspirational in every way … Fiona for producing such a brilliant film and
    Jo & Carole for their grit and determination in producing such fantastic wine. Formidable girls!

  3. I have only seen this brief trailer, so sorry to have missed the UK screening launch at Channel 4 last night. Can’t wait to see the whole film. Well done Fiona.
    Suzanne Foster

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