G3 Magazine review 8 December 2012

Les Cabotines is about lesbian wine-makers. Well I like wine, and lesbians aren’t so bad, so the premise of this little documentary seems to be fairly endearing.
Set in the beautiful village of Collias in the South of France, the film follows the story of Carole and Jo, a couple who have
started making their own wine – which judging by the back-breaking work they put in, is no mean feat. The documentary is at times almost sickly sweet and idyllic beyond belief, the community and group of friends they have is worthy of, well, a whole documentary.

A villager is asked by the interviewer “is it a problem in the village that they are homosexual women?” After pondering the question, he replies by saying “it was talked about, but there’s no problem.”

“I’m a Catholic,” he states with a wry smile. “But you can accept differences. I accept difference”.

There is a growing gay community in this small village of Collias, but other than being quite surprised at seeing rainbow
flags billowing around the French countryside, my thought was that sexuality does not have a huge part to play in this film. It’s almost
irrelevant that Carole and Jo are lesbians, such is the friendship, the acceptance and the bond of the villagers. The life the couple have
is that of which people stuck in a monotonous city existence can only dream of: beautiful weather; superb wine; lovely friends and tons of cheese! If I hadn’t seen the film, I too would have thought it was too good to be true.

g3 verdict: A sweet little film worth watching. Now pass me a glass..


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