Fiona Cunningham-Reid

Fiona’s worked in film and television for nearly 30 years. After film school she started as a clapper loader, working her way up through the camera department to director of photography on features and commercials. She was also a founding member of Stonewall, the UK lobbying group.

Currently Fiona is working on an Australian story, The Legend of Dawn O’Donnell, or Croc-a-dyke Dundee…with Nell Schofield presenting.

She’s also writing a romantic comedy set in the wine fields of…

TV and film credits include:

  • Kenya Murder Mystery

75 minute feature documentary following the Tom Cholmondeley murder trial in Kenya.  Accused of murdering a black poacher on his enormous Rift Valley Estate, the murder trial of the future Lord Delamere has once again raised unresolved and painful wounds from Kenya’s colonial past.

Co-produced with History Channel and More4 

  • The Real Country House

A series exploring the intimate working of Six Mile Bottom, a country house whose star shone brightly but briefly during the interwar years. Interviewees include family members Lady Patricia Mountbatten and her sister Lady Pamela Hicks, Julian Fellowes (Oscar winner for Gosford Park), Piers Brendan historian, Barbara Cartland novelist, Michael Foot MP and Helena Kennedy…

4 x 30 minutes for Channel 4
Originating producer, writer, director
Martin Davidson, Executive Producer for RDF Television

  • Girls on Tour

This film takes us behind the scenes of The Women’s Tennis Tour, with Venus and Serena Williams,  Martina Hingis, Anna Kournikova,  Jennifer Capriati and Maggie Maleeva  as they battle each other at world tournaments. Sold internationally.

1 x 50 minutes, Cutting Edge for Channel 4
Co-producer, Co-director  and DOP
Roy Ackerman, Executive Producer for Diverse TV

  • Thin Ice 

Two girls, one straight and one gay enter the same sex ice-skating competition at the Gay Games in New York. Audience award at Turin International Film Festival.  

Produced and directed by Fiona Cunningham-Reid
Starring Ian Mckellen, Clare Higgins, Sabra Williams, James Dreyfus, Suzanne Bertish and Guy Williams


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